selected reviews in english

Jennifer Kurdyla, Fox. Harvard Review Online, May 31, 2018
Hannah Weber, Fact and Fox- enter the world of Dubravka Ugrešić’s new novel, a visceral study in elusiveness. Calvert Journal, 8 May 2018.
John Domini, Dorothy Parker with a Ph.D. The Brooklyn Rail, 01/05/2018.
Michele Levy, Fox by Dubravka Ugresic. WLT May 2018.
Joanna Walsh, Writing in a state of Nation Emergency: On Dubravka Ugresic. Music&Literature (November 2015);
Sam Sacks, Steffie Cvek and Miloš Hrma, Literary Half-Sibblings. World Literature Today, 29 October 2015;
Sara Nović, Memories of Pan-Yugo Angst. Lit Hub, May 28, 2015;
Ellen Elias-Bursać, Dubravka Ugresic Bets a Few Chips on the Future. The Arts Fuse, July 08, 2014;
Madeleine LaRue, Dubravka Ugrešić’s Europe in Sepia. Music&Literature, No4, 2014;
Anne K.Yoder, I’m with the Losers- On Dubravka Ugrešić’s Europe in Sepia. The Millions, 28 February 2014;
Michele Levy, Europe in Sepia by Dubravka UgresicWorld Literature Today. March 2014;
Tomislav Longinovic, Karaoke Culture. Slavic&East European Journa l 2013;
Rychard Byrne, Slouching Towards Karaoke. The Writing in Public Book Review, April 2012;
Mark Athitakis, A Question of Perspektive. The Rumpus, March 5th, 2012;
Carolyn Kellogg, Karaoke Culture. LA Times, January 01, 2012;
Sam Munson, The Power of Myth. The Daily Beast, February 26, 2010;
Mary Gaitskill, Hagiography, Dubravka Ugresic finds feminist mettle in an Eastern European witch. Bookforum, February/March 2010;
Jessa Crispin, Feminism And Folklore. NPR, February 16, 2010;
Elisabeth Bachner, Which Witch? Reading Dubravka Ugresic’s Baba Yaga Laid an Egg. Bookslut, January 2010;
Stevie Davis, In praise of the mythical older woman. The Independent, July 3 2009;
Karen Vanushka, Citizen of Literature: Dubravka Ugrešić. The Quarterly Conversation, 17;
Melissa Katsoulis, Baba Yaga laid an Egg by Dubravka Ugresic. The Times, May 23 2009;
Ellen Elias-Bursać, Croatian Anticharlatanism. C A L Q U E, 2008;
Nicole Rudnick, When In Roam. Bookforum, sept-nov. 2008;
Elaine Feinstein, Foreign bread has a bitter flavor. The Telegraph, 24 November 2007;
James Clive,  In: Cultural Amnesia, Necessary Memories from History and the Arts, New York: W.W. Northon 2007;
Meredith Tax, The language without name. Women’s Review of Books, 01. 01. 2007;
Elizabeth Gold, On Being Yugoslav without a Yugoslavia. San Francisco Chronicle, March 6, 2006;
Adam Klein, Pain management. San Francisco Bay Guardian, 25. 07. 2006;
Aamer Husein, Beyond the Borders of Brutality. The Independent, November 18, 2005;
Julian Evans, The Croatian Myths. Telegraph, October 16, 2005;
Todd McEwan, Adrift on the map. The Guardian, October 1, 2005;
James Hopkin, This Side of Paradise. Times, September 24, 2005;
Lydia Perovic,  Lend me Your Character.pfd. September 17, 2005;
Julian Evans, Joan Collins and the decline of the West . The Guardian, May 8, 2004;
Robert McCrum, The Outsider The Observer, January 25, 2004;
Maggie Helwig, Ignore the title, read the book. The Globe and Mail, January 10, 2004;
Tess Lewis, Literature v. trivia. The New Criterion, Sept. 2004;
Jay Press, Slavic Essayist Dreams of Communism and Joan Collins. The Village Voice, November 3rd, 2003;
Chris Lehmann, The banality of drivel.The Washington Post, December 9, 2003;
Merle Rubin, West’s sellout of standards The Los Angeles Times, December 2003;
Matthew Goulish, Reading Dubravka Ugresic Through Six Selected Sentences. Context, No. 12, 2003.
Ivana Vuletic, All People Are Brothers, Especially Africans. Global City Review 2002.
Martha Kuhlman, The Ex(centric) Mind of Europe: Dubravka Ugresic. World Literature Today, Summer 1999.
Martha Kulman,  The Culture of Lies, the Museum of Unconditional Surrender: Dubravka Ugresic’s recent work. Art Margins 1999.
Meredith Tax, Aboard ‘the Balkan Express’. The Nation, December 13, 1999.
John Balaban, Lest We Forget. Washington Post, November 7, 1999.
Carolyn Kuebler, The Curator of Oblivion. City Pages, November 24, 1999.
Carole Angier, An Exile’ s memoirs of home. The Independent, October 9, 1998.
Hugh Macpherson, In the aftermath of war. The Times Literary Supplement, October 19, 1998.
Jeff Marcus, A postcard from Zagreb. Lingua Franca Book Review, December 1998.
Richard Eder, A Journal of Pain. The New York Newsday, April 23, 1995.
Steve Silk, Leaving A Violent Homeland For The Shallow New World. Hartford Courant, May 14, 1995;
Cynthya Simmons, Émigré’ s lament: feeling lost, awfully other. Boston Globe, August 13, 1995;
Edward Allen, Insulted by History. The New York Times Book Review, March 20, 1994;
Neal David Anderson, Un-merging Realities: The Dilemmas of Dubravka Ugresic. Border Crossings, Fall 1993;
Meredith Tax, Five Women That Won’t Be Silenced. The Nation, May 10 1993;

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